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Covering the whole UK primary and secondary curriculum right through to GCSE and A Level and including 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance.


It’s like having a trained and experienced Maths teacher in your own home.

TeachMe videos and worksheets cover the whole primary and secondary UK maths curriculum as well as providing targeted support for exams at 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, GCSE and A Level. Contact us too for educational advice and support.

Online Videos

Online video modules, for any age and ability, carefully planned and clearly presented ensuring the student masters the National Curriculum topic.

Maths Support

Progressively supporting children and their parents from the very start of Primary Maths, right through to GCSE and A Level.

All Maths Areas

From early school years starting with number recognition, counting, working progressively through Primary core skills including multiplication, division and the all important times tables.

Building Confidence

Establishing a sense of achievement during the transition to Secondary education and the more challenging testing regime at GCSE and A Level.

Exam Support

Guidance and help with Key Stage 2 SATS, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance. How your child performs in any of these tests could help them gain a place in the secondary school of their choice.

GCSE Maths revision

Contact us for details of the next revision course

Covering all aspects of the GCSE Maths syllabus including exam questions and targeted feedback to help focus subsequent revision. This course is most appropriate for those students aiming for grades 7-9.

This is a great opportunity to gain an understanding of your child’s current level and to identify the areas that need further attention. Detailed feedback is given after the exams in order to focus subsequent revision.

Comprises of English, Maths and Verbal/NVR with breaks in between.

Each day will involve different tests so your child can attend both days if needed.

11+ Revision

Contact us for details of the next revision course

2020 - Easter and Summer holidays

11+ Revision

This course covers all aspects of the Kent 11+ and is tailored to your child’s abilities and needs, no matter their starting point.

Our tutors are enhanced DBS checked, fully qualified UK primary and secondary trained teachers, currently working in local independent schools. With over 18 years experience in preparing for the Kent 11+, we provide carefully planned, supportive and enjoyable sessions for students in all four areas of the test. 

Excellent references provided on request.

Discounts available for booking more than two sessions. All learning materials, snacks and drinks supplied. Please ensure your child brings their pencil case with them.


GCSE courses– £50 per day
11+ courses - £45 per day
To book a place on an 11+ course or GCSE revision course, please contact:



TeachMe provides parents with the resources and information to supplement their child’s Maths education outside of school. With access to a single point of reference for all their Maths needs, children learn Maths topics and subjects from the comfort of their own home, or away from home, at any time and at their own pace.

With hundreds of videos, worksheets and education articles we lead your child seamlessly from one level to the next.

We feel a true sense of responsibility to provide a high quality personal service.

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