Maths Games and Puzzles

From times tables and shape-based search scenes, to mental arithmetic conundrums and pictorial puzzles.

More difficult riddles for children from 10 years onwards together with participation and support from the rest of the family.

Use maths to find the strongest weight lifter, crack the code on a safe, translate a sequence of hieroglyphs and lots more.

Children can practice their number skills with this handy paperback book, packed with full-colour puzzles to test numeracy. 

Fun and engaging quizzes to test KS2 children’s mental maths skills.

Times Tables

From 2 to 12. A fun activity book of puzzles, activities and stickers helps children learn their times tables. Including solving number clues to reach Treasure Island and working out how long it takes to fly between alien planets.

Sherlock Bones and his trusted accomplice Dr. Catson are in a frenetic times-table adventure. They must follow a teasing trail of multiplication-themed puzzles, all in the hope of foiling Professor Moriratty’s evil plan.

Brain Games

Brimming with word and number workouts, codes, battleships, fiendish spot the differences, including hanjie, kakuro, hitori, sudoku and lots more.

This fun and exciting collection of 100 brain training puzzles is packed with content to sharpen maths ability and advance time and visual skills. 

An array of puzzles and games to enhance creativity, concentration, memory, logical reasoning and imagination – for kids as young as five.

Contains 90 brilliant, one-a-day, ten-minute brain workouts. Tests language, visual and spatial awareness, memory, attention and reasoning.

A new collection of puzzles for children aged 7 – 9. Sharpen and train young brains from an early age.  

Wordsearches - Word Games - Crosswords

Encouraging kids to expand their vocabulary while having fun. From puzzling over letter soup or setting a scene using story dice, to cracking cryptograms, there’s a whole world of wordy content to bamboozle the brain.

Packed with crossword puzzles to complete, this little book will keep clever kids entertained for hours! Conveniently compact for travelling, this little book is perfect for bright young crossword enthusiasts.

Portable, additive and satisfying, The Kids’ Book of Wordsearches: Green Edition will provide children with hours of fun and help develop their vocabularies.

From bestselling brain-training and puzzle book author Gareth Moore, The Kids’ Book of Crosswords: Red Edition will test word power and keep boredom at bay.

Compact and full of wordsearch puzzles,  this little book will keep clever kids entertained for hours! Great for travelling and perfect for bright young wordsearch enthusiasts.

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