A topic-per-page approach focuses on clear objectives, with opportunities for students to try out the ideas for themselves. Build ability and confidence. MyMaths Helps students to organise themselves and improve their learning techniques.

Maths skills

This book sets out ways in which children can become successful and confident learners. It provides everything you need to know in preparing children for both pre-tests and 11+ entrance exams. And for admission into independent and grammar schools. 


This unique guide is designed to enhance curriculum learning, build confidence and manage stress and anxiety. This colourfully illustrated book helps guide you and your child through revision techniques, online study, all the way to the big exam questions. 

Top tips on how to revise for primary school students

Whether your children are taking tests in school, MyMaths, SATs, the 11+ or Common Entrance exams to get into a grammar or independent school. They have a better chance of doing well if they prepare thoroughly for the big day. Here are our top revision tips for primary school-aged children.

Start early and set a schedule

Revision plans work best if they’re spread over a longer period of time rather than crammed into a couple of weeks before the exams. A revision timetable can help, but be careful not to overload the schedule. Children react differently to pressure, especially at primary school age, and a schedule that is too heavy can be counterproductive. You could make the schedule itself on a spreadsheet or get your child involved in making a brightly-coloured display to hang on their wall.

Use past and practice exam papers

Practice exam papers can be a great revision aid. There are plenty available online or from third-party suppliers, but make sure you choose the right ones that are age and stage appropriate.

Make it fun

Revision always involves a bit of hard work, but you can make it more fun, using rhymes, games, MyMaths, cards and post-it notes.

Try supplementary learning resources

There are numerous independent third-party learning resources available that can help to improve and expand children’s MyMaths​ knowledge, as well as helping them to revise subject areas they have previously covered. Teach Me Maths videos and accompanying worksheets, for example, can help children to prepare throughout all stages of the primary syllabus, including 11+ exams, in a user-friendly and easy-to-follow manner.

Recreate exam conditions

You don’t hire out a sports hall, but primary school children will have limited experience of taking tests in exam conditions. Try doing past papers with a strict time limit in a quiet, controlled environment to acclimatise them.

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