Help your child set achievable goals

Helping your child set achievable goals is vital for their development. Setting goals that your child is capable of achieving will not only enable them to build up their self-esteem, but will also help them to become more motivated and develop critical skills as they progress through their education.

When it comes to formulating objectives, it helps to start as early as possible. Start with small, short-term goals, as these will be less intimidating and more manageable for your child. It’s also best to avoid selecting goals that they are not interested in pursuing. Instead, focus on giving your child a goal that they want to achieve. Whether it’s wanting to improve in a particular subject at school, or something simple such as learning to ride a bike — allowing your child to set their own goals will help boost their motivation.

Another key to helping your child set realistic targets is to teach them about perseverance. Help children understand that sometimes there are barriers to overcome and that, while it is important that they try to succeed, they shouldn’t feel too downhearted if they fail. Setting realistic but enjoyable goals will help make them much more attainable and will make the process more fun for your child.

In addition to short-term objectives, it’s also important to help your child learn about establishing and achieving long-term goals. Throughout their education, your child will begin to develop their idea of what they want to accomplish later in life, such as what type of career they wish to pursue. Once they have an inkling of which career route they want to take, you can help them to set small goals — such as commencing work experience — which will enable them to work towards achieving their long-term goals.


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