Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Your child will most likely be moving up a year or starting a new school in September. You have probably met, or will meet, the new teachers and have high expectations that they will educate your child to his/her full potential with inspirational learning at the right level. On the pastoral side, you want the new teachers to understand your child’s needs, ensuring time in primary school is happy, nurtured and fulfilling. You are entitled to expect this service even if you are paying school fees! Parents can be an invaluable support to schools this coming academic year. By working together, the best possible outcomes can be achieved for your children. Here are some useful tips for the school year:

Encourage independence. Allow your child to take some responsibility for their own organisation – i.e. packing their pencil case, the correct books, sport kit etc. the night before – so they learn to think for themselves and not expect their mum or dad (and teachers) to remember everything for them.

READ and discuss. We can’t stress enough the importance of reading to and with your child at home, throughout their primary school years. Reading a wide range of books not only teaches valuable comprehension skills, vocabulary and knowledge, it also leads to interesting discussion, independent research and opens up young minds to the wider world.

Coping with tricky social situations. All children have fall-outs with friends in the playground and it is likely your child will feel wrongly treated at times. How your child learns to handle these instances is the solution. Talk things through objectively with your child and equip them with the tools they need to cope with tricky social situations. If the situation doesn’t improve in a week or two, then discuss your concerns with the class teacher.

Homework help. Parents that show an active interest in their child’s homework and learning generally have more conscientious, more content, higher-achieving children. Encourage attention to detail, neat handwriting/presentation and the importance of always trying their best. Ask the class teacher how you can best support your child at home – they will be more than happy to advise. Maths videos, educational information and support. For children and their parents from the very start of Primary Maths, right through to GCSE and A Level including 11+ and Common Entrance.

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