Revision tips for secondary school children

There’s a lot of pressure on young people to do well in exams. Indeed, GCSEs and the end of Secondary School really can be a life-defining moment.

Effective revision plays a vital part in exam success and it’s important to approach it in the right manner. Here are some top tips to guide your revision and help you to feel prepared when the exam season arrives.

Make a schedule

Making a revision schedule or timetable is a must, as is actually sticking to it! Don’t just write ‘English’ or ‘Maths’ — really hone in and schedule a time to cover specific topics from the curriculum in manageable chunks. Take plenty of breaks but concentrate when you are revising and try turning off your phone for the duration.

Revise the right things

Make sure you’re revising the right things. As well as going through class notes, check you know which exam board your course is on and check the exam specifications.

Make use of revision aids

Revision guides can help you to plan and execute your revision, and practice papers can give you a good idea of what to expect on the day. Third-party materials such as Teach Me Maths videos are also an effective and useful resource when learning and revising.

Enlist a friend

Revising with a friend can be a useful strategy. You can help to motivate each other as well as testing each other’s knowledge. Teaching another person has also been shown to be a great way to learn yourself. Avoid pairing up with someone who will be more of a distraction than a motivation, however.

Get plenty of rest and eat well

Staying up revising until the early hours can actually be counter-productive, especially the night before a big exam. Research has shown that knowledge retention suffers when we’re tired, and you will perform better if you’re well-rested. Eating a good breakfast and balanced meals can also help your revision and your performance in the exams themselves.

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