Encouraging children to participate in extra-curricular activities

Academic qualifications and skills are, of course, hugely important when it comes to boosting your Children’s future life chances. However, they are not the only things that matter, and concentrating on academic pursuits at the expense of everything else can be counter-productive at times.

Plymouth University says: “It is widely accepted that students who achieve good employability outcomes after they graduate do so because they have more to offer than just a strong academic record. Employers are looking to employ graduates who have the experience to offer beyond good grades because through these experiences, students can offer and evidence a wider set of important attributes such as commitment, resilience, independence, leadership, etc.”

It is certainly the case that the skills and experience gained from extra-curricular activities often look good on a CV. Furthermore, they don’t only boost employability and it’s not just the activities that are available at university that can provide benefits. Extra-curricular activities are essentially any activities that take place outside or alongside the academic curriculum, and they can help children to develop skills and traits that can be useful for a lifetime, improving their health, expanding their social circles, and helping them to become more confident and well-rounded young people.

It doesn’t always have to be motivated by advantage and growth either — some extra-curricular activities can simply be fun!

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available, from the team and individual sports, to subject-based activities such as maths clubs, voluntary work, and social clubs based on shared interests. These interests could be anything from dance to chess to computing. You might consider encouraging your child to take up an activity that they are already interested in or have experience in, but it can also be good for them to leave their comfort zones and try something new.

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